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we all have dreams in our heads, words in our mouths, stories on our skin and ghosts in our hearts. we are little haunted houses. dreaming, dreaming, dreaming...

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"Sometimes you have to be apart from people you love, but that doesn't mean you love them any less. Sometimes it makes you love them even more."

Samstag, 14. Januar 2012

i love you♥

I love those people who always make me smile and help me through hard times. Who take care of me and want to make me happy no matter what, those people who just hug me and say nothing until i feel better. People who don't blame me, don't lie at me. People who would stay up all night just to text me until I finally can sleep. People I could call in the middle of the night and they wouldnt hang up on me, just because they are tired. Those who would cancel everything to see me, talk to me, make me feel better. People who would ask several times if I am okay when I seem to be upset - until I end up telling them. And they would listen, be quiet, and after it just say something to it, or ... just hug me. I know, they would tell me the truth if I am doing a mistake, if I am acting dumb. They would just say straight ahead what I should do. They would not lie to me, never. They would not randomly change the topic, they would ask me if I want to talk about it.
They see my tears behind a smile, they listen to me, and know what I want to say without me saying it. They understand me, even if they don't like what they hear, sometimes.
Those people who know my lies in "I am absolutely fine" and just... hold me, know me, listen to me, be there for me.

I love you. (: ♥ And I hope you know, whatever happens, i will be there for you, always, always, always!
I am SO glad that I consider y'all part of my life and... I just love you. with all my heart, and I just... never wanna lose you.

-Michi, Timo, Laura, Anna.. and my mom, the most awesome mom in this entire world. ♥ 
Via Weheartit
Via Weheartit
I MISS YOU. and i wish i could just hug you. a huuuuuge awesome infinity long hug! :D ♥

& Yes, I love Winnie the Pooh. :D

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